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How to make an explainer video?

Videos are increasingly being used by businesses to boost brand awareness and assist potential customers through the sales funnel. Explainer videos are one of the most effective types of marketing films, with 96% of people watching one to learn more about a product or service. Everything you need to know about making a great explainer read more …


Corporate Blogging In An Anti-Corporate World

Many people still believe that corporate bloggers have it easier than the self-employed blogger who has to work really hard to build a presence before he begins to see payment. It’s certainly true that blogging on a huge authority domain is a huge advantage, especially since there are something like 500 million blogs on the read more …


Should Your Business Use Personality Tests?

Quite a few companies these days use personality tests as part of the job interview process when hiring new employees. These personality screening help companies uncover who could be great leaders and who could be people they should avoid. There are many personality tests, each with different approaches to measuring emotional and intellectual traits. We’ll read more …